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Carbohydrate Presentation?  (Top) (Bot)

Reminder that I will be making this presentation this Monday, October 5, at 10:30 am on Willow Valley TV channel 4. More details about the presentation can be found at Carbohydrate Talk including a link to the slides I will be showing during the talk.

Plant-Based Health  (Top) (Bot)

This Plant-Based Health Mini Course takes about 30 minutes and begins with reasons why you should strongly consider adopting a whole plant food diet and continues with practical advice on how to achieve the goal. It is a small snapshot of the some of the topics covered in the three online courses I took to earn my plant-based nutrition certificate from eCornell.

Inflammation-Fighting Foods  (Top) (Bot)

The 6 Inflammation-Fighting Foods article describes foods that can reduce the inflammation in your body.

Salt, Sugar, Oil  (Top) (Bot)

Do you need to be completely salt, oil, and sugar free in order to be healthy, or is a little bit of salt and sugar okay? In the Salt, Sugar, and Fat article T. Colin Campbell, PhD, discusses the topic of being 100% SOS-free.

Dairy-Free Living  (Top) (Bot)

The previous article contained a link to the SWITCH 4 GOOD website that has a wealth of information about the benefits of completely giving up dairy. This can be hard because many people are addicted to the fat and sodium in cheese, the fat and sugar in ice cream, and the false belief that you must consume dairy to get your calcium. But giving up dairy is well worth the effort if you want to improve your health and the health of the planet.

Fiber Fueled - The Key to a Strong Immune System  (Top) (Bot)

The power that our gut microbes wield to induce disease or protect us from it can seem intimidating, but we are not helpless victims. We have the power of science on our side, which has shown us that we can use diet and lifestyle to rebalance our gut microbes. This excerpt from the Fiber Fueled book by Will Bulsiewicz, MD, MSCI explains the role that fiber plays in our health.

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